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Dr Dingle Speaking at Schools

Since 1988, Dr Peter Dingle has presented hundreds of talks school groups on topics of motivation, study skills and goals to health and managing stress. He has presented to school staff, students and school community groups as well as at graduation nights and special events. As a result of all his work Dr Dingle has helped many thousands of students and teachers with his hard hitting and honest information. As an author of 8 bestselling books (one more out soon) and 25 years of research Dr Dingle knows what he is talking about.

Dr Dingles’ 2011 Healthy Schools Makeover

Does your staff suffer from
• too much stress,
• poor work life balance
• falling energy and motivation?

Would you like some help???

Students in Year 11 and 12 in 2010

Would you like your students educated and motivated with one of Australia’s top motivational speakers?
Would you like their year 2010 to begin with a real bang?

Dr Dingle is one of Australia’s best motivational health speakers. But unlike other speakers all his work is based upon his own unique and thoroughly tested programs. He can make a real difference (see the testimonials attached)

Topics include
• Dealing with stress and building resilience
• Health and well-being. The dingle DEAL
• Nutrition for smart thinking and better health
• Goal getting and study skills
• Taking control of your life

School Community

Dr Dingle also runs programs for parents and familias of schools on any of the topics listed above.

Dr Dingle can run a program in schools from 45 minutes or a half-day session to a whole day or even more. These programs are unique, fun and entertaining (see the testimonials attached).
Dr Dingle can make a real difference with your staff and students.
For further information go to or contact him at Or 0414360569.


Dr D provided our Year 12 students with a wonderful introduction to their final year. His effervescent delivery captured the students’ imagination as he guided them through the importance of maintain a healthy diet through to strategies that lead to effective goal setting.
His presentation was entertaining, educational and importantly, practical. Dr D’s Journal & Playbook was an excellent source of information and a focus instrument that the students were able to put to practical use. His message is life-changing and challenging, just what students need to wake them from their slumber of holiday mode. Russell Scanlon Head of Year 12 Corpus Christie College

Your Motivational presentation to our year 12’s was a performance to remember. The unique and highly energetic style of your delivery kept the students both entertained and spellbound. The content of your delivery, reminding students of the aims and importance of goal setting practices, particularly leading up to those important final exams and assessments, was also well received. With such a short time until the TEE you managed to provide the students with ideas about what they could change and so differently, to hep them achieve their goals. The students were genuinely positive and in good spirits after the presentation. The power of a laugh and a smile never ceases to amaze me. Gavin Bradshaw, Manager student services John Curtin college of Arts WA

Thank you for yesterday's seminar-it was terrific and you left the group "gob smacked!" Your presentation was super and the energy, enthusiasm and passion you displayed was so clearly evident. The response I have had from the group has been overwhelmingly positive and the requests for a return seminar (only longer) was unanimous! You won them over and I have no doubt that many will change their habits and become the real DEAL!!!-not bad if I say so myself!!!
Your presentation was enthusiastic, stimulating, passionate and more importantly filled with practical applications. As a group we were so impressed with Peter's ability to connect with the group and to provide a relevant and meaningful presentation. He is fun to listen to-you never get bored and his knowledge of health treated issues is outstanding. He is truly a very talented gentleman!. We as group have every intention of utilizing Peter' talents and gift at future Principal Forum events. Lloyd Page, Chairperson, Leadership Committee, West Coast Education District, Perth.

Dr Peter Dingle captivated the large group of young people by presenting the five steps to attaining their goals. The magic tricks baffled the onlookers and helped to explain the concepts pitched at the level of the audience. He explained how attainment of goals are
affected by our conditioning, the choices we make and how we respond to change. We were inspired by the prompting to be courageous and accept the challenges presented. The statement that personally made an impact was that if we don't go forward, we go backwards! This has inspired me to consider the challenges ahead and to write down my goals and consider the 'what, when, who, where, how and why. Kath Bavich ,Davey CareerLink

Thanks again for your presentation on Wednesday. It was terrific in every way. Staff are still talking about it which is amazing and even those who didn't smile for the whole 3 hours came up to me later to say how they enjoyed the presentation. I think I need a Dingle dose about every 6 months to keep me on track. Jan Vines, Canning College

Peter - great presentation at Matilda Bay Restaurant on Wednesday morning - I suspect the free range eggs, Selenine, magnesium, linseed etc AND your book will have record sales from this group. Just checking an availability - possible conference 18 August AM - Floreat area, how do you sit? David Forster, MANAGER OPERATIONS, DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING, WEST COAST EDUCATION DISTRICT

Teachers program
Thankyou for your outstanding presentation which was one of the most dynamic and informative sessions we have ever had. The staff are still buzzing with the health messages which you presented and were motivated by the fact that you obviously practice what you preach. Thankyou for making a difference! Rob Stewart. Principal. Illawarra Primary School

Thank you so very much for coming to our school and giving a most informative and entertaining talk. It has been the talk of the school today and we would love to get you back maybe next year? That's another matter though... I just wanted to say on behalf of the Orana school community a most sincere 'THANK YOU". It was a great pleasure to have you and your lovely family! Cheers! Allison Pivac

Thanks very much for presenting at our conference last Friday, You certainly hit the mark with your messages and energetic delivery. Feedback we received from participants was all positive, with many determined to make some changes in their lifestyle and eating habits. Andy Sullivan Manager District Operations Midlands District Education Office

I don't know anyone who can make the subject as stimulating and entertaining as yourself. There are a lot of speakers around but in my search they tend to be fairly dry. MICHELLE GORE Director of Staff Development Christ Church Grammar School

Dr Peter Dingle's input to the Class of 2004 was outstanding. Students, their families, staff and special guests have all remarked on his unique talents as a presenter; he was able to engage all in the audience as he delivered his inspiring and meaningful message. I would recommend him highly as an entertaining, motivating and compelling speaker. Dick Hunter. Principal Newman Senior High School

Your presentation on Friday was excellent & inspiring as usual. I'm eating my nuts & fruit at the moment! Several staff came up to me & told me how wonderful they thought your manner & presentation were. It's always hard to keep people focussed after lunch, but you did it in you own inimitable way! Adrian Penistan. Clarkson Community School.

The presentation you gave with regard to goal setting was well received. Staff were most enthusiastic about your contribution. Both written and oral feedback have been most complimentary. John Young Craigie Senior High

Thankyou for the presentation you did on Monday for our staff. I have had so many staff come to me and say what a great day they had and how much they enjoyed your presentation. We have been eating our oats (mine were full of sugar – those Uncle Toby’s flavoured ones!) and we have all been into the fish oil – we’re researching the best value packages at the moment – so you’ve really started something!! Anne Fraser. Principal West Greenwood Primary

The staff at John Wollaston very much enjoyed your presentation at the end of last term. It was down-to-earth, practical and entertaining. Heather Williams. Teacher/Librarian. John Wollaston ACS.

Thankyou for the wonderful opportunity to participate in the breakfast. Peter is a motivational speaker who is truly passionate about good health. Looking forward to the next breakfast. Cheers Roz Tritton. Curriculum Consultant Pilbara Education District Office

Dr Dingle's presentation to District Directors at the June 2004 State Executive was very well received. The message of looking after one's own health and well being was a timely reminder to directors who all too often neglect this critical aspect of their working week. The session also provided a great mood that assisted with the rest of the day's agenda. Grant O'Sullivan Area Director West Coast Education District

thank you for your energetic, very informative, positive and stimulating seminar. We enjoyed every moment!! Collette, School of Psychology. The University of Western Australia

Thanks for such a positive and entertaining session on Saturday at UWA Extensions (Increase Your Personal and Professional Productivity). Pamela Slobe. Postgraduate Administrator. School of Psychology. The University of Western Australia
Peter thank you for your presentation to Managers Operations. It was provocative, amusing and highly engaging and gave us all cause to reflect on more healthy ways to live our lives. It was particularly pleasing to receive practical advice on how we can take a leadership role in the work place to raise awareness among our colleagues about healthy living. Stephen Ker, Manager, Operations, Swan Education District

Students program

Dear Peter
Thank you for the outstanding presentation you gave at our Year 11 Leadership Day. It was amazing to see what you packed into a one hour session (which just seemed to fly by). The students were entertained and educated at the same time - something we are always searching to achieve in education.
The students now have a richer understanding of themselves as individuals, as a team and as leaders of the community and no doubt have a deeper perspective on what they are eating on a daily basis. Thank you once again and we look forward to working with you again in the future. Regards Trevor Lynch, Director of Students, Dean of Students Year 11, Sacred Heart College

Dear Peter

A very big thank you for your wonderful presentation. I have had very positive feedback from many students and the teachers who attended. A couple of teachers said to me afterwards ‘I just needed that’!!
We had a Year 11 parent feedback evening on the Thursday evening after your presentation and quite a few parents made the point of talking to me about the inspiration you gave their children. One said ‘I don’t know who that person was who gave a talk to the students, but I had a different son on Wednesday night’. Some of the Year 12s caught up with me in the library and said thank you for organising Dr Dingle to come to the school, and many other students took the time to let me know how motivated they felt. One of the Year 12 art students made a poster with the five Cs and other summary points of your talk.
So, thanks again, Peter, for inspiring and motivating our Upper School students so effectively, and using good old fashioned common sense interspersed with interesting scientific facts – a very good strategy with teenagers. I have put your books in the library – that was a very generous gesture to donate them and we do appreciate that. Yours sincerely. Kate Abbott. Director of Upper School

"Thank you Dr Dingle for your highly energetic and motivating session with our Year 12's. You had some great messages for the students and your blend of information, stories and magic was "just what the doctor ordered"! The fact that so many of them came up afterwards to shake your hand and thank you shows how much they got from it. Can't wait till our follow-up session next month!" Paul Housley Associate Principal Woodvale SHS July 2008

Peter, you are Delightful
Thank you so much for your time today. You are an inspiration, and you rock! Kind regards, Sandra Seman-Bourke from Christ the King School.

G'day Dr.Dingle. My name is Malachy (mal-a-key) O'Connor, i'm a first year at Murdoch.
Throughout my secondary education (sacred heart college) I was fortunate enough to attend two presentations by your self. Your presentations were nothing short of amazing.
Hello Peter. I want to let you know about the impact you had on our students after your recent visit. The young woman you spent some time with has really made a break through... she wants to succeed like never before and you have been instrumental in that. She could see no solutions, only problems. The two young men that went up and shook your hand afterwards have their own moving stories which are quite unique. Your message was positively received by them both and I was surprised because they both are so determined to believe that the 'older' generation have nothing to offer.
I hope you will consider accepting invitations to speak to our students in the future….you should have been a fly on the wall the next day when they were talking about your 5 'C's and how they had beans on toast for breakfast. Thanks again. Kaye Davies. A/HOD English. North Lake Senior Campus

Hello Peter,
Now your wondering how does this guy know me well apart from seeing your magic trick 4 times in one afternoon, I had the pleasure of being present at my son’s Graduation Night @ UWA for Emmanuel Catholic College where you presented the kids with their Certificates & Medals etc
Peter you also gave the kids and the parents a wonderful speech which was very entertaining to watch but more importantly for myself and my son Matthew to listen too. Unfortunately Matthew had been advised that his grades would make going to University very difficult and was discouraged to take up any University subjects. However after your speech in fact that night walking back to the car Matthew was so inspired by your talk, that he asked if could change his electives and go for the subjects he was interested in and keen too at least try.
I was more than elated with Matthews request as in previous weeks we were struggling to get Matthew to attend the last weeks of school, because he saw it as a waste of time and was not looking forward to going back to school in 2008. We took up Matthews request with the school but sadly the school stuck with their option so we have gone our separate ways.
The Good News is Matthew has started at his new school with all the electives he is interested in plus a few others that the school has offered him, his attitude towards school has changed he is achieving his goals that have been set by himself and the school, he has already won a Merit Award for History and he is more than happy with the change.
So in closing Peter I wish to thank you for your inspiring speech on that faithful night I am sure that if hadn’t been for your speech and words of encouragement I could have a completely different boy on my hands so please keep doing your Public Speech’s you are inspiring young minds to achieve their dreams.

Yours truly, Greg Howard

"Peter Dingle is a person who inspires young people. His presentation at our school offered an insight that the students could relate to and appreciate. His clear and easy to understand message gave the students some real strategies that they can put into to place straight away. And of course, his energy, the students respond so well to his energy and passion." Silvana Patorniti Warwick SHS

Your motivational presentation to the Year 12 students on Thursday 31 August 2006 was a performance to remember. The unique and highly energetic style of your delivery kept the students both entertained and spellbound. The content of your delivery, reminding students of the aims and importance of goal setting practices, particularly leading up to these all important final exams and assessments, was also well received and offered them wisdoms they might not otherwise be exposed to.
It is important that students understand they have choices and that their futures are of their own choosing and your presentation endorsed that strongly. Jen Fraser (Year 12 Co-ordinator). JOHN CURTIN COLLEGE OF THE ARTS

Thank You for the wonderful and stimulating speak! You really are superb in what you do. Scott Haddrell. Acting Head of Year 9 Penrhos College

Peter Dingle addressed a recent workshop for our senior students on "feeding your mind and body for success". His presentation was spot on-dynamic entertaining and highly informative. The only complaint from the girls was that it was not long enough-they would like him to come back for more! Meg Melville. Head of Senior School. Penrhos College.

Peter Dingle’s presentation of ‘The Deal’ to my Year 11 students was bright, informative and dynamic. The students and staff who attended have been motivated to see change as a real possibility and not as something which is too hard to achieve. Peter showed them how to recognise negative influences on their lives and take positive steps towards improvement. The presentation was excellent – well targeted, fun and thought-provoking! We all learnt something and came out feeling empowered. Ms Alex Lawson Head of Year 11, Methodist Ladies' College

Peter addressed the Year 12 cohort at their start of year Convention. Peter is a dynamic presenter. His words motivated and inspired the girls for the year ahead. Peter's advice on healthy eating and diet was of particular interest to the girls and many were still asking questions long after the presentation had finished. Thank you, Peter. Michelle Taylor. Year 12 coordinator Penhros

thanks ever so much for your talk to the young tackers on made quite an impression. Mark Bruhn, Career Coordinator. Seton Catholic College

As usual Dr Dingle gave an entertaining and riveting lecture on motivation and exam preparation and students were overwhelmed by his enthusiasm and passion. Maryanne Hughes. Kwinana industries Education Partnership.

On behalf of all the year 12s and staff who attended your vibrant, energetic, inspiring, positive and educational presentation, we cannot thank you enough. We’ve learnt about “golumising”, the four C’s (change, challenge, choice and conditioning), the “Dingle Deal” and the power of positive thinking.
We have heard a lot of motivational speeches in our time and yours has been the most powerful and inspirational yet. The way in which you spoke to us was appreciated; you presented yourself as a very down to earth, positive, relaxed, and honest magician
What you have taught us has had a profound affect on all of us and it is something that we all can grow and benefit from. Also, despite how many times we have been told how important breakfast is, you have been the first to put it in to terms we can relate to. “We once were dumb but now we shall eat breakfast!” We all have made our own choices to become dealers of endorphins…. We promise to smile more! Thankyou once again. Matthew Dale & Josephine Vinci (2 students Mt Lawley SHS)

THANKYOU! What can I say? Your words of positivity and your vibrancy rubbed off onto the students this morning and I have had a number of those who attended the breakfast come to thank me for getting 'such an awesome' (their words) guest speaker. I really appreciated your spontaneous warmth and your down-to-earth approach. I shall do my best to ensure the 'Dingle DEAL' does become the mantra for the students for the rest of the year...I shouldn't find it too hard to achieve given that the students who heard you speak were avidly telling those who 'made the choice' not to attend the breakfast what the
DEAL was all about. Once again, thank you for touching the lives of our students in such a happy and positive way! Alice Basini year 12 coordinator Mt Lawley SHS

I just wanted to tell you how much you inspired me. Before going to the camp, I was talking to a girl who went last year. She told me that the camp had changed her life and given her so much. I wanted to believe her - but it was such a big thing to say - a 4 day camp had changed her life? Any way I now do believe her. Why? because it has changed my life. Everything you said made me stop and think.
You told us we can make a difference and all we need to do is get off our arses and make ourselves heard. You have definitely changed my outlook on life and I know I’m not alone. Last night i was thinking of what I could do to show my appreciation for the invaluable lessons you taught me. How could i thank you? - then it hit me. I'm gunna make a difference. I don't yet know how but I’m working on it. You gave me so much and i am eternally grateful. Never ever stop doing what you do. Brooke Russell.

Hi Dr Dingle!!! Its Krissie here from the summit :) Just to say a quick thank you for everything that you did for us. You were such an inspiration, and the things that you taught me, I’m sure will have a hugely positive effect on my life. The camp was so enjoyable and I have benefited from it soooooo much :) Myself and the other girls from my school hope to get some projects going to help the foundation so we'll be keeping in touch. Thankyou again, for everything.:) krissie

Dear Dr Dingle
I wanted to share with you the response my younger son had to your presentation while he was a student at Wesley College.
The school had asked you along to talk to the boys about a healthy lifestyle and choices and my usually monsyllabic son was transformed when we picked him up on our way to our annual Easter holiday some 3+ hours drive away.
He poured out the information you had communicated to the boys, letting his older brother know exactly why he should not be consuming the junk food he was munching away on and what effects it was having on his body. He was 'full bottle' as they say and so enthusiastic. He has always been a committed sportsman but after your presentation seemed more committed as he drank water fairly exclusively after that with fizzy drinks off the menu while fruit and veg intake seemed to increase. Alcohol also did not feature as it seems to for many young men of his age.
What I loved most was the enthusiasm that you had inspired in him which he spent 3+ hours commnicating to us!! Regards. Sharon Kendrew

Hi Dr Peter Dingle

My name is Phoebe Phillips I'm nineteen years old and i was a 2006 graduate of John Curtin College of the Arts Fremantle. I listened to your motivational speech two years ago before sitting my TEE and i just wanted to let you know what happened to me as a result.

After concluding that motivational speeches were totally cliche me and my friends sat in the third row a little to the left. Close enough to appear keen to our head of year and slightly of centre so we could happily chat whilst politely avoiding your eye line.
But something must have rung true because i did come away feeling slightly more excited then scared and the freaked out sensation seemed to meld into a unusual feeling of determination. At the early stages of year twelve i was really keen to get a good mark, and more importantly beat my brothers insanely high 93% TEER (which he got at a private school). So i went through all the motions you incouraged set my long term goals (ie beat my brother) then my weekly goals then transfered that into a timed study scheduale incorperating down time, party time and fitness etc.

Don't get me wrong it was really hard at times. I remember not having white out in the house and absalutly loosing it for a good two hours...solid. And wanting to go to the beach sooo bad, and wanting to finish 2 bottles of cheap white at the party not just two glasses, and wanting to sleep in...for ever. But then i'd look at my long term goals. And of course i would come back to the conclusion that the pay offs of those were better then a quick swim, an epic hangover, a guilty sleep in. So on weekends i'd tell my alarm to fuck off a few times, go for a jogg and hit the study schedual with gusto knowing i was getting that little bit closer to my long term goals each day.

I kept pushing through first semester with avarage grades. It was confusing at first how come when i was following this "winning" formula i wasn't blitzing it all? were was the instant gaurentee? the pay offs ey? But then towards the end of second semester around mocks something just switched. It all seemed to start coming together. the A's began rolling in then suddenly i was the top student in two of my four TEE subjects and i was on straight A's and B's for the rest. And to be the top TEE drama student in a specialist performing arts school was unbelievable, ludicrouse, amazing but hey it was one of my goals.

To cutt a long story short i ended up topping both art TEE and specialist drama TEE at John Curtin as well as achieving the parlimentarian award for excellence across all subjects in addition to the Curriculum Councils Comendment award for being one of the three highest exam results for TEE drama in the state. But most importantly i beat my big brother with a 96.5% TEER.

So i just wanted to say cheers, and i hope you can keep making other people believe its possible because to tell the truth i truly didn't think i could achieve what i did.

Thanks again, Phoebe Phillips

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