Saturday, September 17, 2011

Environmental Toxicology one-day course

Dr Dingle’s Environmental Toxicology one-day course (CPE points)
Sunday November 27. 9.30 am -5.30 pm.
Location. TBA (Perth)

This course is for health professionals and interested public who want to know about their exposure to toxic chemicals, what they are, how it happens, what it does to us and how we can reduce our exposure in our everyday lives and those of our clients.

You are exposed to thousands of new synthetic chemicals and hundreds of toxins every day without even being aware of it. This has a major impact on our health. Especially if you are more susceptible. We are not all equal with some of us being more than 100 times more susceptible to many toxic chemicals.

In this course you will learn
What they are?
What are their impacts ?
Who is susceptible?
How you can measure them?
How to minimize exposure and reverse toxicity?
Their role in cancer and chronic illness, (even obesity)
At the end of the primer you will
Have a sound awareness of the science of environmental toxicology.
Be aware of the impact of toxic substances on humans.
Be able to develop strategies to reduce your own exposure to toxic substances.

Topics covered
Measuring Environmental Toxicology
Chemicals, Life Processes and blocking nutritional pathways
Epigenetics and inflammation and chronic illness,
Susceptibility. Woman, the unborn, infants and the aged
Heavy Metals. Mercury, lead ad cadmium
Pesticides. Types, exposure and alternatives
Environmental estrogens.

Dr Dingle
Dr Dingle has researched, written and taught in the area of environmental and nutritional toxicology at University level for the past 25 years and has more than 100 scientific publications on the topic. He is recognized locally, nationally and internationally for his work on this topic and both his own honors and his PhD was in this area. He is also one of Australia most popular motivational health speakers and recognized widely for his entertaining and fun presentations.

Environmental and Nutritional Toxicology one day
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Sunday November 27

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15% discounts for 3 or more attendees

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  1. Seems like a very good course. Well, to those who have missed this one, they can always search for online environmental training courses as there are now a lot of providers approved to distribute courses such as this environmental toxicology.