Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cows milk causes Diabetes Type 1

Diabetes Type-1 used to be called juvenile onset diabetes as it was very rare to find it occurring in adults. Now it occurs across the whole spectrum of ages. The reason lies not in genetics but in our diet and environment. Don’t get me wrong, there is always a genetic component but this has not changed and cannot account for the different occurrence and increases in the disease over the past 30 years. The best scientific estimates suggest that only 5-10 percent of diabetes Type-1 can be linked to genetics.

It is thought that the onset of Type-1 is linked with an environmental insult, such as an allergen or a virus, and is an inflammatory response, called insulinitis, from an autoimmune reaction. While there are lots of thoughts about the viruses such as mumps, which set off the autoimmune response, the single most preventable cause is an allergic reaction to cows milk protein. It is the strongest link to the onset of this disease.

For example the consumption of pasteurised cows milk before three months of age increases the chances of getting diabetes Type-1 by 11 times. Even mothers who drink cows milk can pass on the protein allergen through breast feeding. But consumption at any age can be linked with the disease and there are well over one hundred very good scientific studies linking cows milk to the onset of Type-1.

One must then ask, why haven’t we told every one about this? And the answer is the large influence of the dairy industry. Most of the paediatric scientists know about it, but there is just too much pressure to drink milk and too much money involved.


  1. No, its not rare to find type 1 diabetes in adults. There are more adults diagnosed with type 1 diabetes each year than there are children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It is a myth that Type 1 diabetes is a childhood disease. In 1934 Dr. Elliot Joslin noted that the incidence of diabetes in lean individuals was relatively constant in each decade of life, but that diabetes in the obese was related to older age. A book published in 1958 (“How to Live with Diabetes” by Henry Dolger, M.D. and Bernard Seeman) that states that “[Type 1] diabetes is almost three times more frequent among young adults than among youngsters.

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