Monday, September 6, 2010

Cholesterol debate

We have been researching the cholesterol issue for the past 2 years. Cholesterol is not the killer just a simple indicator that the liver is under a bit of stress. Nor is saturated fat the issue. If you look at heart attack figures around the world you find they are more closely linked with stress than anything else. The French, Swiss, Belgians, Dutch (Netherlanders) etc have high saturated fats and cholesterol and the lowest rates of heart attach in the world. It is not French paradox and wine it is the lifestyle and a healthy diet. It is so simple.

The cholesterol we monitor in the body is produced by the liver. This will be increased if you have sugar (hi GI), stress and too little water. But all it is telling you is that something is wrong. You don’t shoot the messenger.

In Japan when they increased both the saturated fat in the diet and cholesterol in the blood in the 1950s the heart attack rates go down. There are hundreds of cases like this that completely dispel the cholesterol hypothesis.

More importantly the cholesterol hypothesis and that is what it is, just a hypothesis. But people treat it like fact. However, in science (and i am a scientist) if a hypothesis is tested and it fails it is no longer considered a valid hypothesis except in medicine where money and the volume of media whitewash it all.
Not only can I find a single bit of fact in the cholesterol hypothesis but it acts like a chameleon, one of those lizards that change color to suit the background. It has changed so many times. First it was just saturated fat and cholesterol, then it was cholesterol, then it was LDL cholesterol, then LDL and HDL ratios, then VLDL, then HDL and the number of changes just keep happening.

This is the greatest lie that has ever been sold to the public. Cholesterol is just a marker and as highlighted above one of the most important functional molecules in the body.

For a great book on this get “the great cholesterol con” by Malcolm Kendrick and MD with a conscience and common sense. And in two months I will have my book out The great cholesterol deception”. Notice the similarity in titles but I only just found the other book 2 weeks ago.

Also note that this information is exactly what the pharmaceutical companies don’t want out there so please spread it around.


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  2. Thanks Peter I totally agree with you. Having had high cholesterol counts for 26 years and still alive and well with out taking statins or any other medication I have to question the validity of the treatments. I have found that by going into the history of a development such as the cholesterol myth one starts to understand what has happened to bring about the present phase that the medical profession are adhering to with out questioning the truth behind it. Funnily when I talk to my friends very few of them will take statins and most remark that Drs are not choosing health producing medications now days. Most of them say "I have to look after myself as my Dr wont". This in itself is encouraging however we need people like you to show us the way.

  3. I am 63 male and very fit, I excercise every day,
    I have a BMI of 20, a resting heart of 55, and 120/70 blood pressure.I don't smoke, am a moderate drinker and have never needed a doctor.
    A routine blood test revealed a cholestoral level of 6.5. I have been advised to take statins.
    I'm not covinced...Why should I start on the slippery slope. Anyone else feel the same..Ron

  4. Cholesreol is an indicator marker for potential underlying lipid disorders. It is easily measured and should be regarded for just what it is - not taken as toxic substance that gives it false importance. look a the lipids. There maybe an underlying genetic lipoprotein that could be the real problem. If cholesterol high then it may reflect this. the reverse is not true. statistical analysis suggests that if the cholesterol is high then there is a greater chance of cardiovascular occlusive disease. this is a correlation not a necessarily a cause.

  5. I have recieved my first newsletter which I greatly enjoyed.... At last someone who explains it all and actually makes sense, I purchased your book on Cholesterol recently and found it an eye opener. I stopped using deodorants 10 years ago because I found out my body was high in Aluminium and since then have looked into lots of things and reduced chemical overload greatly. Thanks again. I Look forward to your newsletters.

  6. I note with interest your article on Cholesterol Lowering Drugs. As my husband and I are both runners (aged 70 and 69) and wanting to keep our bodies as healthy as we could naturally, we decided to attend a Heart Specialist to check us over and make sure that we were healthy as we could be and continue with our exercise program, this was about 8 years ago. We have now stopped going to the Heart Specialist to have regular checks as he put us onto cholesterol lowering drugs (we had combined cholesterol reading of 4.0 and 3.3 , the ration to LDL and HDL was very much in our favour). I did my research and decided that they weren't for us, when we returned to the Specialist for another check up he was indeed very short and almost angry with me for not doing as he said and taking these pills. He issued another script which I took to my GP and he said 'why on earth do you need these as your cholesterol is very good'. No more check ups with the Heart Specialist and definately no cholesterol lowering drugs.

    We see a Naturopath regularly, we have very little dairy, drink oat milk in our tea, have cayenne pepper in hot water three times per day, no butter but use coconut oil on toast and for coooking. I have recently had another cholesterol count but have not yet checked the result. We also use Alka Life to maintain a good Ph level in our bodies.

    We love reading your newsletter and I make sure that I pass it on to our family. I realise how frustrating it must be for you trying to receive responses from the Pharmaceutical Board, I guess the best thing is to continue what you are doing, and just keep repeating, repeating, repeating. We too have seen the results from using cholesterol lowering pills and also pills for high blood pressure with a lovely neighbour who has a muscle wasting disease and will die a long and painful death. He is becoming more and more debilatated with a brilliant brain! So so sad.

    Our very best wishes for continued research and such helpful healthy information.

    Kind regards

  7. thanks for your comment Patti. I met a few people on the weekend at some talks I was doing who had given up the statin drugs because of the side effects. Primarily muscle pain and dizziness. The doctors who continue to prescribe statins just have not bothered to go beyond the information they get from the drug sales reps. isn't it sad.

  8. Thank you for your ever interesting Newsletter. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Conscious Living Expo this year, hence I missed out on your talk on cholesterol which I particularly wanted to hear. Do you, by any chance, have a recommendations for me in reading material? My doctors keep on on keeping on about me going on statins and I keep refusing to comply - it's almost like going through a bullying session each visit which does nothing for my high blood pressure! Anyway, if you can point me in the right direction I would be most grateful.

  9. Never bought into the cholesterol thing. I am 63 with a chemistry/zoology/statistics background. I can only say follow the money if you want to find why the pharm people (10 billion per annum or so) put this out. Be happy drink some red wine and go for a good walk in the best places. Remember old words dis-stress and dis-ease. Stay chilled it is ultimately in our genes.