Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to prevent and reverse a heart attack and stroke.

Dr Dingle’s simple steps to lower your risk of heart attack and stroke without drugs.

Cardiovascular disease including heart attack and stroke, as well as cancer, alzheimer's and other chronic illnesses are primarily a result of oxidation and inflammation. To dramatically reduce your risk of chronic illnesses reduce your inflammation and oxidation in your body.

2g+ of Omega 3 oils/day

2g+ of vitamin C/day

lower your stress

drink more water (2-5 liters/day)

remove sugar and high GI foods from you diet, particularly soft drinks (no artificial sweeteners)

eat more fruit and vegetables, particularly raw vegetables (salad)

walk more

don’t smoke


  1. Dr Dingle, can you please outline the mechanism in which Vitamin C at this dose acts to lower cardiovascular risk, and what evidence there is to support it? Thanks

  2. Hi Dr. Dingle.
    Where do you buy your C-vitamin?
    The 50mg tablets wont get me far
    Thank you

  3. Hi Peter,
    I am about to reach 72 (tomorrow!) and have recently had a stent inserted in a minor branch artery. I wish I had been better informed as I would not have had the procedure performed. There are better ways to clear blocked arteries.
    In sending this I feel as though I have one hand tied behind my back.
    The main source of my information is in a book that I loaned to friends who have now gone on holiday!
    The book in question is 'Cholesterol and the French Paradox' by Australian Naturopath Frank Cooper. I don't have the ISBN etc to hand but it can be bought in Australia from: This distributor is located in North Sydney. Cost is $33 plus postage.
    The paradox is about how the French (and other nationalities) can eat fatty foods (cheese, pate, butter etc) but have a significantly lower rate of cardiac heart disease than their British and American (and Australian?) counterparts with the same mean cholesterol level for a specified age group of men. (The Inuits stayed healthy on a diet of 90% fat and 10% protein.)
    He makes the connection between the advent of trans fats (margarine) and the beginning of the age of heart attacks. The information in the book (using some of your referees) will best be understood if you were to read it yourself.
    But it points out to me that one of the major contributors to CHD is trans fats in the common form of margarine! (I was provided with margarine in the cardiac ward.)
    The author traces the effects of trans fats and their ability to infiltrate the lining of arteries causing inflammation and how plaque is made to cover the inflammation. Part of that plaque is in fact cholesterol. But I am teaching my grandmother to suck eggs here and I apologise.
    However the author agrees with all that you have pointed out in your book 'The Great Cholesterol Deception' relating to the power of the drug companies, the dangers of statin drugs and even more deception than you have discovered.
    I would also direct you to a wonderful website outlining a paper by Dr Mary Enig Ph.D and Sally Fallon.
    Its short title is 'The Oiling of America'. Mary speaks of her research into the poor health outcomes in using margarine and details two hostile visits by CEOs of margarine companies.
    The food industry can be as ruthless and uncaring as the drug companies. The addition of plant sterols in margarine is one such move. Helpful these additions may be but they are still contained in a dangerous trans fat!
    I hope that I have given you some food for thought (pun unintended) and would be delighted if someone of your stature and obvious following could bring this issue to the attention of the broader population. It would be better still if the medical community were better informed.
    As a footnote my cardiologist prescribed Lipitor at 45 mgs for me when my over all cholesterol level was 4.3! This had been my normal level when I was eating saturated fats all these years.
    In the reference book it becomes clear that people with high and low cholesterol levels have heart attacks and I am convinced that a person's cholesterol level is not a contributor to CHD.
    I buy biscuits made with butter (difficult to find but possible), eat butter and other saturated fats.
    And I refuse to take statin drugs.