Friday, March 16, 2012

Soft drinks and sugar kill

Another study found that just one can of soft drink a day increases your risk of heart attack by 20%. The study of 42,833 men found just one 12-ounce sugar-sweetened drink a day had a 20 percent higher risk of heart attacks. Putting this in perspective the so called benefits of taking statin drugs like lipitor and zocor is around 1%.

By eliminating sugar from our diet, this includes high GI foods as well we can dramatically reduce our risk of CVD.

The Authors of the study said "Continually subjecting our bodies to high amounts of glucose, to high blood sugar levels that trigger large secretions of insulin results in stresses that in the long run show up as high risk of heart disease and diabetes,"

We have known about this since the 1950's but the information has been pushed under the table by the cholesterol and fat lobby.

PS this does not mean you can have diet soft drinks, they are just as bad.


  1. David Gillepsie has a lot to say on this subject in his Books Sweet Poison and Sweet Poison Quit Plan. Fructose is the villain. Your readers might be interested to see an excellent lecture on this subject by Prof. Robert Lustig of the UFSC at
    John Neilson

  2. I have my homocysteine monitored by my Naturopath by blood testing and taking various supplements to keep it low.
    On a recent visit to the US and having had a talk on health at a golf camp, I was surprised to find out nobody seemed to know about homocystein testing and keep it low. By the way the talk was about keeping your body in an Alkali state in order to prevent diseases like cancer, apparently cannot survice when the body is mainly in an alkali state