Thursday, March 21, 2013

Statin drugs lower omega 3 oils

A recent review suggests that the benefits of taking omega 3 fatty acids (vegetable oils) is cancelled out by taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol.

Omega 3(fish, krill) oils have multiple benefits beyond heart health. Omega 3 oils have been shown to reduce inflammation in various tissues and organs which is associated with almost every form of chronic illness (if not all) including diabetes, cancers, cardiovascular disease, auto immune diseases (including asthma and arthritis) osteoporosis, multiple scelosis, dementia and even depression, obesity and premature aging.

Although inflammation is natural it can be seriously problematic if it is reoccurring as a result of our body being out of balance. Numerous studies have also shown the real problem related to heart attacks is inflammation in the arteries not cholesterol.
In this review they reported

"Recent RCTs (random controlled trials) testing n-3 against arrhythmias suggest that n-3 reduce the risk only in patients not taking a statin. Other recent RCTs in secondary prevention were negative although, in a post-hoc analysis separating statin users and non-users, non-significant protection of n-3 was observed among statin non-users whereas statin users had no effect. Recent RCTs testing statins - after the implementation of the New Clinical Trial Regulation in 2007 - are negative (or flawed) suggesting that the lack of effect of n-3 cannot be attributed to a parallel protection by statins. Finally, statins favor the metabolism of omega-6 fatty acids (n-6), which in turn inhibits n-3 and, contrary to n-3, they increase insulin resistance and the risk of diabetes. Thus, n-3 and statins are counteractive at several levels and statins appear to inhibit n-3.

It seems that we have a choice. Omega 3 oils which make up a natural part of a healthy diet and have multiple positive side effects or statin drugs that have questionable benefits at best and serious side effects.

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  1. So who do we believe. Doctors prescribing these drugs or people researching the effects these drugs have on the body. Doctors who rely on the information given by the big pharma companies supplying these medications and reaping in millions daily. OR do we believe the poorly funded researches who have little motive in proving them wrong. Hhhhmmmm