Monday, October 28, 2013

Statins reduce the effectiveness of exercise.

Statins are the most widely prescribed drugs worldwide and have serous side effects but the latest study shows they reduce the benefits of any exercise you do. The study found the statin previously sold under the brand name "Zocor," hindered the positive effects of exercise for obese and overweight adults. That means if you’re taking stains then you are not going to get the full benefits (85% less) of the exercise. A lot of research, including this study also found that taking the stain decreased the mitochondria (power house) in the muscles. This has also lead to a number of studies showing increased risks of diabetes type 2 with increasing statin use.

"Fitness has proven to be the most significant predictor of longevity and health because it protects people from a variety of chronic diseases," said John Thyfault, an associate professor of nutrition and exercise physiology at MU. "if patients start exercising and taking statins at the same time, it seems that statins block the ability of exercise to improve their fitness levels."

Participants in the exercise-only group increased their cardiorespiratory fitness by an average of 10 percent compared to a 1.5 percent increase among participants also prescribed statins. Additionally, skeletal muscle mitochondrial content, the site where muscle cells turn oxygen into energy, decreased by 4.5 percent in the group taking statins while the exercise-only group had a 13 percent increase, a normal response following exercise training.

Statins have only been used for about 15-20 years, so we don't know what the long-term effects of statins will be on aerobic fitness and overall health. We are now only just beginning to see some of the long term side effects of statins including increasing the breast cancer rate.

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