Monday, November 9, 2009

10 Steps to Getting Well (Healthier)

If you’re suffering from any chronic illness, whether diabetes, cardiovascular risk, digestive troubles or skin complaints there are some really simple steps you can take to improve your health dramatically. There is no miracle cure just some simple steps. Unfortunately people find it easier to take pharmaceutical drugs than to change their behaviour to make a real difference for the health. So here I made it simple and clear and I give everyone the power to take control of their own health, one step at a time.

  1. Eat more raw foods. Just add an extra salad to your diet every day.
  2. Eat less processed foods. Not only are processed foods pour in nutrients to feed your body but they are also much higher in calories to be absorbed by the body and put on weight.
  3. Take a couple of fish oils each day or make sure you have some small oily fish almost every day.
  4. Supplement with a super green food such as spirulina or chlorella every day. It may be “YUK” but it is really good for you .
  5. Supplement with probiotis or if you have any digestive complaints supplement with some super high dose probiotics (1 trillion bacteria per serve)
  6. Replace all your vegetable oils, Omega 6 oils, with olive oil (omega 9).
  7. Cut down your consumption of all milks including Soya and other make-believe milks. Have pot set yogurt if you need some dairy. It has lots of live probiotics.
  8. Get out into the sun for at least one-hour every day.
  9. Consume plenty of water each day, no not coffee or tea and soft drinks, water.
  10. Take a deep breath and smile a lot more.


  1. it doesnt get much simpler than that! great advice. on such a diet i have felt much better in just 3 weeks. making it my life now, not just a passing diet.

  2. great stuff...thanks...i am making changes to my mindset and body everday! taking deep breaths and remembering to smile :)

  3. what people dont realise is that with these simple changes you can make a huge difference to your life. there are no miracle diets or drugs just good old unused common sense.
    the simpler the food the healthier we are
    congratulations on the above

  4. This is really helpful, and I did change my diet accordingly. Thanks.
    But I always have this question- Do we need to eat organic foods to being more healthier? I am staying in Perth.

  5. In most cases just eating a better quality diet is the best way to get healthy. I think if you can afford it then try to eat organic where you can but it is not a necessary component to being healthy. Great food, exercise and remember to smile are the key ingredients

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