Monday, November 30, 2009

ADHD and drug companies

Unfortunately in the twenty first century illness has become one of the most profitable businesses. As a result of the billions of dollars available to the pharmaceutical companies it makes a laughing stock of our health system. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians were drafting ADHD Guidelines that suggested every kid should be treated with ADHD drugs first then asked questions later. Sounds like a good way for a pharmaceutical company to make money doesn’t it. Fortunately, the process was halted under a cloud of controversy when the US psychiatrist, Dr. Joseph Biederman whose studies are cited more than 70 times in the draft ADHD guidelines, went under U.S. Congressional investigation for his undisclosed financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Biederman, has confessed to receiving up to US$1.6 million to research and promote specific drugs, clearly a conflict of interest.

What’s even worse was the list of associations of the various members of the committee writing the report and the drug companies gathered under the freedom of information legislation. It read like the who’s who of the drug companies. And this is the committee who was just about to develop guidelines for all ADHD kids to take drugs. It would suggest to me strong vested interests of a supposedly independent committee. Any wonder we have so little trust in the medical system.

There are many reasons for ADHD and none of them are a pharmaceutical drug shortage and there are many things we can do to alleviate this problem with kids.


  1. My son had suspected ADHD and suspected Aspergers at the begining of the year. I coudn't even get an appointment for him to see a developmental paed in Perth as the waiting lists were closed for the good Paeds. We now avoid most packaged foods and therefore he does not consume colourants, flavours, preservatives. I make my own bread. I buy organic meat, organic eggs, and fresh fruit and vegetables that haven't been sprayed. I also threw all the chemicals out of my house and use natural products. My son's teachers are amazed at how much his concentration has improved and how well he's learning at school now.

  2. That is fantastic Lara! Great work on improving your sons life and becoming educated. We need more parents proactive like you