Monday, May 16, 2011

Dr Peter Dingle Qualifications

Dr Dingle the public health advocate

In his role over the last 25 years as a public health advocate Dr Dingle has ruffled many feathers, particularly on his stance against large pharmaceutical and junk food companies. As a result it is not unexpected that there are a lot of myths floating around about Dr Peter Dingle’s qualifications and so called sceptics on the internet trying to denigrate him. As a public health advocate Dr Dingle has been campaigning for truth in health on topics including processed breakfast foods, food additives, pesticide use, toxic chemicals in the home, heavy metal contamination and toxic pharmaceuticals for a long time. As a result of this he has been threatened and abused many times, but continues to stand up for what is right based on the evidence.

Dr Dingle’s Degrees

Dr Peter Dingle has a 4 year Bachelor of Education in science with a sub major in physical education dating back 3 decades. As a result in the early eighties Dr Dingle taught human biology and health education in year 12 and physical education and science throughout the years in high schools around Australia.

Dr Dingle’s second degree is a Bachelor of Environmental Science from Murdoch University and first class honours. Dr Dingle’s honours project was on the topic of exposure and health effects of pesticides used for termite control in WA. In 1994 Dr Dingle completed a PhD also at Murdoch University on the topic of health effects of chemicals and toxins people are exposed to in their home. Since then Dr Dingle continued to research in the area of health and the environment.

Dr Dingle’s teaching and research

Dr Dingle has held a teaching position at Murdoch University (where he obtained his later 2 degrees) teaching “Pollutants and Toxicology” and “Health and the Environment” since 1989 and coordinating the degree program in Health and the Environment.

Since taking on his academic position at Murdoch University Dr Dingle has had more than 25 honours students (full time research for a year), half a dozen Masters students (6 months to 2 years) and 4 PhD students (3-5 years) have graduate under Dr Dingle’s leadership.

In addition he has supervised literally thousands of undergraduate students over the years in their study of health and the environment and the topics they have written their essays which range from pesticides and pharmaceuticals to nutritional illnesses and cancer. Many of Dr Dingle’s undergraduate student have inspired his work as a public advocate. The latest was Nadia Uink and her original research on cholesterol deception lead to the research and publication of the book by the same name by Dr Dingle with Nadia as a co-author. Many of Dr Dingle’s students have also gone on to work in various careers in health and the environment from state and federal health authorities to careers in occupation health with large mining companies.

Beyond just a degree

A qualification however is not just an undergraduate degree. In fact most academics do not have qualifications specific to a narrow undergraduate area. They create new fields of research as a tangent to our earlier studies. That is why they stand at the cutting edge of their field. If they only accepted undergraduate or even PhDs as a qualification then at least 50% of academics would have no qualifications in the area they teach and research and are so called expert in, maybe even as many as 90%. For example, one professor of sustainable agriculture has a degree in biochemistry, not agriculture or sustainabilty. Another one has a degree in physics and is recognised as one of Australia's leading researchers in climate change, another professor teachers environmental management and did his undergraduate degree in botany. Peter Newman a well know professor in Sustainability did his original degree in organic lead chemistry, John Bailey the current Dean of Environmental Science did his degree in chemistry and started the course at Murdoch University in environmental law and impact assessment. Very few if any of the toxicologists working for the government have any actual qualification in toxicology. Usually it is biology, biochemistry or chemistry. A far cry from toxicology. And so the list goes on. David Suzuki a well-known environmentalist has a degree in biology and PhD in genetics. It is really what academics do in their research that builds their credibility in the field.

20 years of research and teaching is much greater than a simple undergraduate degree or diploma. Academics, like Dr Dingle live their profession, surrounding themselves with all the information, research and people to help you be a leader in the chosen field.

Dr Dingle has also been scoffed at because he is not a medical doctor but he is writing and speaking about health. On the contrary many doctors comment on nutrition and some adds on television suggest to go and see your doctor for health advice yet very few have any qualification in nutrition or lifestyle matters related to health, even worse they did not study it in any of their 5 years at university. This is compared to Dr Dingle’s 10 years of study at University on the topic and 20 years plus as a researcher in this field. There is extensive research in the scientific publications showing GP training has little or no nutrition. Even better just ask your doctor or look at their title on the wall. The leading GP health speakers in the country have no research or qualifications in nutrition or health. They are great at what they do but Medicine is not health.

While Dr Dingle began his research in environmental toxicology and the health effects of exposure to toxic substances, for the past 15 years, along with dozens of graduate research students (honours and PhD), and hundreds of hours of teaching and undergraduate research students and their essays he has been researching areas in nutritional toxicology from food additives, toxic effects of medications, foods and food labelling and healthy digestion and probiotics. This transition was natural because it deals with many of the same concepts. For example what is nutritious at one level is toxic at another, you have the same exposure routes and it is the same basic biochemistry and physiology. Both areas are quite similar and have a lot of overlap.

Nutritional toxicology is the study of nutritional and food substances and their contribution to or reduction of toxic effects on the human body. For example what are some of the toxic effects of some of the components of milk or the toxic effects of animal proteins. As well as the role nutrients have in the reduction of the effects of toxic substances. It became apparent that you cannot just study toxicology without studying the other side of the same equation.

To put the concept of research into perspective when Dr Dingle researches a topic it can be dozens or even hundreds of hours. For example, along with one of Dr Dingle’s students has been researching cholesterol together for the past 2 years. Not may other people if any in the country can make that claim.

Dr Peter Dingle has spoken at many international and national conferences as an expert on health. In January 2011 he spoke at an international conference in the US on health and wellbeing and was asked to be a key note speaker by the organiser for a conference later in the year on “Food and health”. At a national level Dr Dingle has been a keynote speaker at more than 20 professional conferences speaking on health and wellbeing. Including medical and veterinary conferences in Western Australia.

In the second half of 2011 Dr Dingle has been invited to run a course on nutritional medicine for fifth year chiropractic students at Murdoch University where he has done all his research and teaching for the past 20+ years. It is worth noting here that chiropractic students do significantly more on nutrition in their degree than do GPs.

Some examples of research Dr Dingle has carried out includes

Research reports
Breakfast foods
Yoghurt and probiotic
Food labelling
Soft Drinks

Research students Thesis topic on

Allergies and asthma
Food labelling
Breakfast foods
Grain consumption and breakfast foods
Nutritional qualities of take home dinners
Allergy and probiotics
Pesticides and health
Developing health lifestyle programs (including living smart and seniors smart with my PhD students)
Healthy ageing (PhD)
Developing a health, environment and lifestyle program (PhD)
Effect of indoor air quality on causes and symptoms of asthma (PhD)

University text books Dr Dingle has written

Second and third year text books on:
Pollution and toxicology
Pollutants and the human environment
Health and the environment

Dr Dingle is currently writing a text book on
Nutritional and environmental toxicology (due 2011)
Workplace Wellness (Due 2012)

Public Essays (all referenced to scientific journals) on nutritional and environmental toxicology including:
Vitamin D
Milk the poison
Milk and calcium
Allergies and probiotics
Life expectancy
Sick homes and toxic chemicals
Statin drugs
Medical research bias
Corrupt drug companies
Kids chemicals and cancer
Breakfast junk foods
Multiple Sclerosis
Vitamin D
Non ionising radiation
Organic food
Slow eating

Dr Dingle currently has 8 books in print including
My Dog Eats Better Than Your Kids
The 6 week healthy eating planner
The great cholesterol deception

Scientific publications

Dr Dingle has more than 100 scientific papers published of which 90% or more relate to one aspect or another to health. For more information on this go to his profile at the Murdoch University website.

Thank god he is not a medical doctor

Finally it should be noted that Dr Dingle is not a medical doctor and has never said he is a medical doctor. Dr Dingle has a PhD which took 4 years of full time research after his initial degrees. A medical “doctor” has an honorary doctorate bestowed after completing a Masters on them while they practice medicine. When they stop practicing they can no longer claim to be a Dr. Dr Dingle has a complete doctorate which is a title he has all his life. So when the media says Dr Dingle does not have a medical degree they fail to acknowledge Dr Dingle will remain a Dr in the true sense of the qualification always.

Only a fool would say Dr Dingle has no qualifications in health.

To see some of Dr Dingle’s articles visit
Vitamin D
Raw eating


  1. How can anyone deny that you aren't really well educated? I love your work!

  2. Dr. Dingle is a lecturer of mine at Murdoch University and has been for a year and a half. He has taught me many things about health that have benefited my life and the life of those around me (because I advocate what Dr. Dingle has taught me to them as well!)
    He has even gotten me into drinking green tea :)

    He is an inspiring man who always tells his students and the people he talks to to live healthy and be someone who will make a difference.

    Any media person that says he does not know what he is talking about when it comes to health and nutrition has obviously never actually sat down and talked to Dr. Dingle about the subject. Nor have they clearly tried the lifestyle and diet changes that he suggests. If they had they would realize that what Dr. Dingle advocates is healthy choices and better living. He has already inspired me to eat and live better and do more with my life in the year and a half he has taught me than any teacher I have ever had over my 14 year education.

    There should be more people like him in the world. A person who is willing to help anyone if they ask, a person who truly believes that we can achieve anything, and a person who is passionate about everything in his life. He should be applauded for having such passion, passion that most people do not have even a percentage of in their lives.

    He is a great teacher and I am sad that I will no longer have lectures given by him. I have immensely enjoyed having him as a teacher.
    And I wish him the best of luck with his new book! I know I'll be buying it!

  3. Leana Rose, PerthMay 18, 2011 at 4:22 AM

    Agreed! The initial degree ignites your passion which you can follow in many different avenues. Peter has obviously followed his passion of health and good nutrition vigorously and shares the knowledge gained with the public. I for one am eternally grateful for this as it has shaped the way myself, and my family, are living our lives. In the healthiest way possible. Thank you Dr Dingle.

  4. As one of Peter’s students, I will say with confidence that Peter deliver his messages with such passion and, without being disrespectful, common sense. I believe Peter has brought to the attention of so many individuals the dangers of many human made chemicals that may otherwise go unnoticed and in doing so has helped improved the quality of their lives. To improve the health of the environment and individuals, there needs to be more people like Peter. It was a pleasure to be part of his class.
    Thankyou Peter.

  5. thanks for all your great logic health advices Peter:)

  6. Amy Williams, Margaret RiverMay 23, 2011 at 1:26 AM

    I would just like to add a simple comment in commending dr dingle in his enthusiasm to encourage good health amongst our society. As a student at Murdoch University I have had the pleasure to receive Peters great knowledge, passion and joy for life through my studies over the last three years. His ability to share this with others through the education system is so valuable and we have just been so lucky as studunts. Studying his units externally this semester I have still been able to experience all of his enthusiasm and have a greater understanding of how I can now live a healthier life and share this with others.
    Peter questions society and how things are done, I admire this and his strength to acheive goals. Something we can all learn to do better.
    I know dr dingle will be greatly missed within the university however his influence has been made to many, and these people will educate others. The pebble in the pond is creating ripples...

  7. Peter thank you SO much for another fantastic, eye-opening semester at Murdoch University! There has not been one other single lecturer I have had that is not afraid to expose the truth on things so controversial, with the absolute ability to back up every word you say. You have changed the way I perceive so many things, particularly the home environment and I have made MANY changes to the way my family eats, drinks, comes into contact with and is exposed to! SO thank you again for putting the truth out their for us to adhere to.

  8. As a previous student of Peter's, I highly recommend the approach that he takes to health and well-being. I can say for sure that I feel empowered to make myself and my surrounding environment as healthy as possible. Taking Peter's course has also inspired me to think about the relationships between sustainability (my undergraduate degree) and health. This has led me research methods where sustainability and health can be integrated. Thank you Peter.

  9. Peter - yo're a champ! Also being a previous student I found your approach to risk management and toxicology has inspired me to branch awayfrom the general Occ HS discipline into occupational hygiene and toxicology. Your teaching skills in BSc Health and Environment at Murdoch were remarkable.

  10. I've listened to Peter speak a couple of times and he's awesome. He's very passionate about what he does and I'd listen to him over any GP any day! Keep up the good work Peter!!

  11. Hey Pete
    Thanks for the great semester. You are an excellent teacher and I learned a ton!!!
    Ellen Moleski

  12. Dr Dingle, an enthusiast, passionate enough to stand up for us all in sharing the truth about so many misguided myths that society is not privy to. His charismatic approach in presenting his important message is what drives everyone to listen and for all those who have had the opportunity to see him present, we are very thankful!
    Linda Paterson
    GAPS Australia

  13. Hi Peter,

    Having sat in on your talks for many years,
    I’m truly blessed to have put into practice as much as I’ve been able to absorb.
    My successful career in Carpet Cleaning can be attributed to providing healthy practices & procedures that you have imparted. Thank you.

    Stuart Gough

    Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

  14. As a past student of Peter Dingle’s, I can say how refreshing it is to be taught by someone who is passionate about their line of work.
    I think it's great to have someone in an educating role that motivates their students to challenge the status-quo.

    Peter’s lectures were a definite highlight of my degree at Murdoch University, and I wish him all the best in his future endeavours over east.

    Thanks Peter!
    Brigitta Curley

  15. As a mature age student at Murdoch, I wish I'd had the opportunity to listen to Peter many years ago. As many young people are, I was not fully aware of the damage environmental toxins, diet, lifestyle etc could do to a persons body over the years.

    However, Peter's courses in health, pollutants and environment have taught me how to reduce the likelihood of spending the latter half of my life, in and out of my GP's office. Priceless!
    Lectures by Peter were always inspiring and also a highlight of my time at Murdoch.

    Thanks Peter
    Tiffany Croxon

  16. I couldn’t agree more with these comments, and it is great confirmation to read, how other people too have immensely enjoyed and benefited from his teaching!

    As a former student of Peter’s I can say that it was an absolute privilege to have been taught by him. Never before have I attended classes that were so stimulating, awe-inspiring, educational, and best of all- fun!

    What Peter advocates is entirely scientifically credible reflecting his many years of education and research. And I feel, like others, that what he teaches also wonderfully confirms and celebrates what you already innately know to be true about healthy living and so much more.

    Peter has had a positive reflection on my education, personal life, and through reiterating certain elements of Peter’s teachings I feel I have had a positive influence to those around me.

    As a result of Peter’s influence, passion and support I feel motivated to continue my education in the field of health and the environment and so to make a difference.

    If only there were people like him!

    Thanks so much Peter :)

  17. I'm glad I opted for your units at Murdoch, which was more than getting through exams. Thank you Peter for your lectures that inspired me to stay healthy and also pass on what I learn so friends and family can also live healthy lives.


  18. As one of Peter's PhD students I can say that Peter has a fire in his belly and a tremendous gift for inspiring students to want to learn more and live life to the fullest. In my 9 years in higher education, I have never come across an academic who exudes life and warmth like Dr Dingle.

    Thank you Dr Peter Dingle for helping me to believe in myself, go for my dreams and enjoy the journey of academia (rather than the end result).

  19. Peter addressed our conference in May this year.

    We were amazed, a bit disgusted and very much enlightened by some of the hygiene facts that Peter relayed to us.

    Also, after reading some of his books, it is little wonder some of the 'big end of town' do not appreciate his comments.

  20. Good work Peter!

  21. Good on you Peter for taking a stand against
    food adultaration and environmental toxins.
    Keep up the good work that I support.

    Rob Vidovic
    Practitioner of Complementary Medicine
    Complementary Health Trust
    Brisbane QLD

  22. I have attended one of Mr. Dingle's Health and Enviromental lecture at Murdoch Universtiy. And he is a greater teacher. Attending his lecture have not only given me a qualificatioin but it made me a critical thinker.
    Peter has made me think differently about health ,enviroment and diet. I now can better mange how to keep up my with my health and have a postive attitude towards life. Thanks !

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