Friday, May 6, 2011

Great feed back from a follower

Dear Peter
After I got your newsletter about your book & Dr. Kendrick's book, I decided to order them from our local library (Mandurah). Had to wait a little bit for Dr. Kendrick's, but when I read it, I found it a bit technical (I am not from a medical/nursing background), but very interesting. However, I had to wait quite a while for your book, and finally it came in about 6 weeks ago. Our local library must have got it in especially for me - I was the first person to borrow it the Librarian said!! Your book was much easier to read for a lay person, and as I had it out for a month (and read it in 3 nights) I lent it to a friend who also enjoyed it. Now I'm going to give 2 of my cousins (from Balcatta and Noranda) the name of your book so that they can order it from their libraries. I've dallied a bit doing this as their libraries will probably borrow it from the Mandurah Library; Dr. Kendrick's book came from another library, and that's why I had to wait a couple of weeks.

I started taking medicine for cholesterol back in 1990 and my husband was very annoyed that I took it - had just shifted down from Kalgoorlie to Mandurah and went to the doctor to have a skin cancer removed, and he put me onto medicine for cholesterol (which was a bit high) and menopause (which I didn't need)!! However, when my husband died early in 1992 I found I was forgetting to take both medicines and 3 weeks after he died I gathered up all his medicines and what was left of both of mine and took them to the chemist to dispose of. When I have told friends what I did they all say I should not have stopped taking them instantly, should have slowly decreased the dosage. But, I'll tell you what, it didn't make one scrap of difference to me just stopping. However after reading your book I realise that it has affected me by depleting my CoQ10 and since I have been taking that over the past 16 months I feel so much better; but didn't really realise this until I read your book.

My late husband and I were both into alternative medicine, though I did listen to that registered doctor in 1990. But since he died I have really got more into alternative medicine and feel better for it. I'm sure my vitamin tablets are far better for me than drug medicines. I had to have a shoulder operation 2 years ago and the nurse admitting me at St. John of God Hospital in Subiaco, couldn't believe I didn't take a drug medicine of any type at my age (I will be 73 in a couple of weeks).

I belong to OSWA and went to the February meeting, which you were not able to make. The talk went off very well even though you were not there. I know it's a bit late but I wish to convey my sympathies to you on the passing of your dear mother.

Yours sincerely
Margaret Green
Silver Sands.

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