Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dr Dingle in the media

Since 1988 Dr Peter Dingle has been a regular in the Australian media as a researcher and presenter in health and environmental issues. Peter Dingle has been a regular on current affairs programs such as Today Tonight, ACA and ABC programs like “Can we help” as well as being featured on 4 corners and the 7.30 report. Dr Peter Dingle has made so guest appearances on Sunrise, George Negus, Insight and many other programs.

Peter Dingle started out his television presentation on a channel 9 program called Grant and Cameron in 1992 where Dr Dingle appeared as a fortnightly environmental commentator on daytime TV. Most recently, Dr Dingle co presented in the award winning 7 week TV series shown on SBS and now featured around the world “Is your home killing you”.

Dr Peter Dingle has been a regular on New Zealand (TV3) TV on a program called “What’s in your food” and most recently he himself has been part of a 2 part Australian Story covered on ABC.

Dr Peter Dingle is a regular on Australian radio, news and talkback topics, and has presented a weekly segment on health research for radio programs on 94.5, 96 FM, 6PR, ABC 720.He has had some extended segments on various ABC radio programs over the years from Launceston to the Sunshine Coast and Geraldton and included weekly programs with Verity James and Peter Holland.

Dr Dingle had a 90 minute radio program called Dr D and the free radicals for 3 years at Fremantle radio until 2003. Dr Dingle is reported weekly in the national media speaking on the latest research topics of health and the environment and is seen as one of Australia’s leading public health advocates on sustainable health. As a result, Dr Dingle has been known to do more than a dozen interviews for the media in one week.

Dr Dingle has written a monthly article, based on health research topics for NOVA magazine for the past 5 years with around 300,000 readership. Dr Dingle also had a regular segment in the Western Australian paper, Mind Body Spirit section for a number of years. Dr Dingle has written dozens of articles for home, health and business magazines and has been quoted in hundreds of magazine articles around the country.

Dr Dingle’s passion, excitement and gift for sharing information exactly as it is, has made him a sought after authority on any topics of his research around health and the environment. His enthusiasm is contagious and his audience of every day ordinary Australian families continue to grow.


  1. Thank you Dr Dingle for getting out there and spreading your message to the general public with such passion and energy. If only more academics followed in your footsteps!

  2. Wonderful dedication

  3. A lone voice in how to genuinely reform the way we eat and the way we should look after ourselves through nutrition.

    This is a man that dared to speak the truth.

    Peter is an outstanding Australian.

  4. Peter Dingle has always been an inspiration to me and our team at ONEgroup (miessence). Peter has the ability to inspire, make you laugh and educate you at the same time. Thanks Peter for the work that you do.

  5. Thanks for continuing to bring health information to the people of Australia - much appreciated.

  6. Go Peter. Keep shining your light mate & love to the family.

  7. Great to have Peter Dingle's thoroughly researched and highly original articles on natural health appearing regularly in NOVA Magazine. Our readers respond to his passionate belief in taking responsibility for our own health, an important counterpoint to the "pop a pill for everything" viewpoint so pervasive in our media. Keep them coming Peter!

  8. Great to have Peter Dingle's thoroughly researched and highly original natural health articles appearing regularly in NOVA Magazine. Our readers respond to his passionate belief in taking responsibility for our own health, an important counterpoint to the "pop a pill for everything" viewpoint so pervasive on our media. Keep them coming Peter!

  9. Peter it is great to see someone who has a voice and is not afraid to say what needs to be said. More people need to speak out especially when it comes to our health. BIG pharma has a lot to answer for. Your research and hard work is appreciated by many. Keep up the good work!!!

  10. I am really happy to hear about Peter's great work. It is essential that there is increased awareness through educating people to understand the ramification from eating unhealthy food. Keep it up Peter!

  11. It will be great to see your audience of every day ordinary Australian families grow even more after they see Monday night's 'Australian Story'!

  12. They will be clamouring to receive your fantastic health knowledge and advice.

  13. Keep on working on those books Peter Australia needs them to see what is really happening.

    Be strong

  14. I just wanted to send you my condolences for your partner. I just watched “Australian Story”. I don’t normally write to strangers but I really felt for you as I watched the show.

    I would have been like your wife. I think that if she had died after chemo and radiotherapy and surgery then there would not have been any questions and no one would have asked you why you let her have that therapy. I feel so sad for what you have been through, and I know that the judicial system is so biased in favour of medical treatment and pharmaceutical drugs. I admire you for letting your wife have the treatment that she wanted. I just can’t imagine what you have been through.
    I have recently watched a couple of young friends die after chemo and surgery for their cancer.

    Personally I had a severe anal fissure years ago and was in extreme pain for about a year. The pain was almost unbearable and I played mind games to manage the pain. The anal fissure was the result of a medical procedure. The colorectal surgeon told me that I would have to have my spinture muscle cut and that the fissure would NEVER heal on its own. The operation that they recommended had a 10% chance of incontinence. I fasted in order to rest my bowel so that it could heal and after a long process it healed even though the specialist told me that it would never heal.

    There are so many stories of natural treatments working. I feel sad that your wife’s treatment did not work . Most of all I do feel sad for you and the questioning that you have had to endure- all because you choose a treatment that was unsuccessful and that you followed your wife’s wishes. I think it is sad that if a natural therapy fails people are questioned and have the legal system against them, yet if they choose a medical treatment that fails then there is no backlash.

    I do hope that you are OK. I used to watch your TV show and I really enjoyed it. I really just wanted to send my condolences and let you know that there are even strangers out there that support your decisions.
    Kindest Regards

  15. Thank you. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there making judgements of me without any idea of what really happened. My late wife did not die at the time the coroners were investigating(2003). She lived 2 more years until under experimental chemotherapy in Sydney she had an anaphalactic shock and began to decline rapidly (2005). I still wonder why her actual death was not investigated?

  16. I also watched Australian Story 4th July, 2011. Have a read of Mercola's latest, re celiac disease, not only wheat is a problem, but potatoes, rye, tomatoes, barley may also be an issue.

  17. Peter, I met you and Penny when you attended the 2005 Hamilton Island Enjo Conference. I was so sorry to hear about her passing not that long after.
    I couldn't believe all the rubbish that was being dredged up last year (or whenever it was) was so dreadful and my heart went out to you then, and still does. I know I'd only met her for a couple of hours but I just couldn't imagine that anyone could have made Penny do something she didn't want to.
    Anyway I just wanted to show my support and wish you all the best in your new career.
    You are an inspiration for us all. Thanks.

  18. Peter

    I am sure you would not remember me but you certainly know my daughter. I have just watched the second part of Australian Story and felt the urge to send this email saying I am thinking of you. I have heard the stories around Murdoch University from my four years of study there. You did a class for Jane Pearce in 2004 it was Unifocus in Rockingham and I remember thinking Oh yeah an motivational speaker, wont be falling for that I have read How to win friends and influence people. I came away from that class high as a kite you got into me in a way that changed my life. I completed unifocus got my Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Australian Indigenous Studies. When my daughter decided to go to Uni and got into Murdoch I enrolled her in your Health and Environment Degree along with Legal Studies.

    Any way I dribble, I will never forget your motivational speech that day and pushed my daughter to do your degree (She can hate me for pushing when she finishes). At that time I was desperate and thinking I couldnt continue fighting in this life as i had many tragedies at the time. Anyway your 45 min presentation made me look at myself and my circumstances and now I sit on the door step to Karijini National Park teaching year 5/6 at a Primary School. I needed to send this email thanking you for your speech and your passion for living life. It changed everything for me and my daughter.

    I want you to know you do make a difference to people and the way they see their lives DO NOT STOP THAT EVER.



  19. Hi Peter
    Saw the show tonight on the ABC and I can only say keep doing what you do best and that is supplying the truth about so many medical issues that the pharmaceutical companies would not want you to say. You have so many supporters and help so many people with your research. I am a cancer survivor and have written to you previously and we all have to continue to do the things we believe are the truth in life how ever hard that may be at the time. From one of your loyal supporters and I will talk to others about you and the good work you do at any opportunity. Regards Sarah

  20. Hi Peter,
    We have met but it was a number of years ago at a seminar at which you were one of the guest speakers so you won't remember.

    I watched the programs last night and a week ago and I felt that I would like to remind you that not all of us out here just accept everything as it is dished up to us. When they emphasized that you were the one who made the juices for your wife it struck home to me that I could have been in exactly the position that you are in as I did the same thing for my wife who died of breast cancer. She was the reason for attending the seminar I mentioned and you met her also. The tragedy of loosing the one you love is enough to destroy one, but to have that accusation that you were responsible for her death on top is something I cant imagine having to bare.

    Some of us also know that if you choose the alternative route you are up against a vicious opposition. Back then doctors had no empathy at all with anyone who wanted to try anything alternative and some of them were just plain rude and ignorant. The head of oncology at Charlie Gairdners at the time told us that he didn't ever want to see us again. He was a very inflexible man who got angry at any suggestion of anything to do with good nutrition etc.

    The people that I have mentioned you to, by the way, have a very high regard for you and are of the opinion that you were accused because of who you were and what you stood up against. Many of us have too much experience with the medical profession to be fooled into thinking that they get it right every time as opposed to alternative treatments which we are told to believe are just quackery.

    I attended the funeral last week of a family member who died of cancer after having surgery, chemo and radiation. She came back from Perth in a terrible state and just a few months later discovered that she was riddled with it. So much for her being "managed" by her doctors. You don't see TV programs on these failures of the medical profession because for some strange reason they are not regarded as such but a scenario like yours is one that they can make mileage out of and they have certainly done that.

    So Peter, I hope I'm not intruding but I just wanted to say that we are not all fooled and I wish you well as you try to put it all back together again.

  21. we walk a difficult path when we uncover the truth on matters! It was an eyeopener for me, I think I need to see a lawyer and set my path in black and white lest my family and husband are dragged through the mire. We are no longer free in our choice of how we live or how we die..............I find it a very strange country, ruled by the pharmaceutical companies..............if we choose to look after ourselves we are treated harshly but if we join the sheep we can have all the support we need....................there will be a silver lining for you down the track, it may take time but it will come
    kind regards

  22. Madeleine and BarrieJuly 12, 2011 at 4:58 PM

    Dear Peter

    We just want to encourage you in all you do and to let you know we feel compassion for all you have been through and accused of. Your persecution seems clearly unwarranted and cruel. From our perspective you were doing all you could to support and stay positive for Penelope, despite your own opinions and feelings. What a cruel twist of fate that your love and support was turned around and aimed as an arrow to wound you further.

    We will pray for your continued success and recovery from the attacks on your character, and wish you a wonderful and blessed future. We feel sure that you are not one to hold unforgiveness towards those who have wronged you, but that you are able to forgive and move on with your life, unhampered by the negativity that would try to hold you down.

    Our very best wishes for your days ahead! May God restore to you the years that the locust has destroyed.

    Madeleine and Barrie

  23. Hi Dr Dingle,

    I watched Australian Story this fortnight - It was a great story in that it showed how our chosen life path can lead us to an incredible path of self-exploration. From the beginning, I could see that Pen had chosen a path of vibration and connection, well before the cancer. She came across as natural, earthy and spirited.

    I'm sorry that her family, who came across to me as controlling, felt the need to drag you through court over a decision to not involve them or conventional medicine on her road to wellness. It's all very well to say in hindsight X, Y and Z, but I know people similar in ethics to you and Pen, and I believe they too would choose a path of no intervention.

    I really felt your pain in the end, that you thought you should've, could've, would've... but really, the basis of your relationship was what it was. I commend you for ALLOWING Pen, in her most confronting days, to live her life as she chose. To me, that's true partnership.

    I trust that you can regain your reputation – we need people like you, with positive views and enthusiasm for health and wellbeing in our community. What stood out for me in the doco, was how well you look. You've clearly chosen a healthy lifestyle.

    Wishing you all the best as you rebuild your life.

    Liz Dunmurphy.

  24. Hi there Dr Dingle,
    I watched the last two episodes of Australian Story and felt like I’d do something I rarely ever do- stick my nose into someone else’s business. This story had such an effect on me that I thought I’d like to do the right thing. I just wanted to say I found you completely honest and believable and thought that the Australian Story was completely disrespectful to a bloke who was standing by the beliefs and wishes of his loved one. I’m sorry for your loss and even more sorry that you have had to go through this reticule. I’ve seen you speak and read your book in the past which sparked my interest in the story (sorry but your ugly mug is pretty recognizable!) Anyway can’t say any more than that, I support you 100% in what you did and would have done exactly the same for my wife if that was her wishes. Regards.


  25. After seeing Australian Story recently just wanted to send words of support in life's decisions. Unless we walk in another's shoes there is no true knowing, all that remains is another's perception. That which is good in our lives is the intention of that which comes from the heart. Keep up the good work Peter. Blessings to you and your family.

  26. " Great Minds Discuss Ideas... Average Minds Discuss Events...

    Small Minds Discuss People... "

    - Eleanor Roosevelt -

  27. Deeny from QueenslandJuly 15, 2011 at 9:38 PM

    Dear Dr Dingle
    I watched the second episode of your late wife's story on the ABC's Australian Story and felt so sad that you should be publicly crucified in such a manner.
    Please accept this as confirmation that not everyone believes what they see on television.
    It seems unfair that you should have to justify what you did or didn't do for your wife during her illness. How easy it is for others to judge your actions, and how easy it appears that they can affect the rest of your life.
    Please take comfort in the fact that YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR LIFE. They can appear to harm you, but they can never harm your mind....for only you have the ultimate control of YOURSELF.
    I am sure that Penelope surrounds you with all the love and support for your future. Have courage as you go forward. In the face of great diversity, there is great reward which will unfold in time. Every good wish to you and your wife on your journey forward!

  28. I recently watched 'Australian Story' & immediately wanted to contact you to let you know there are many people out there, like myself, who support what you have done when you supported Penny in the path she chose to take in her journey with cancer. Keep Strong & don't let the small minds of others affect you. You have done a wonderful job in supporting Penny, who you obviously adored. I also wish you all the love & support in your new relationship too.

    Keep Strong Peter & know that many people would have done exactly what you did.

  29. Hello Pete
    I met you at a Conference & watched with interest the recent Australian story on the ABC. My reason for comment is not so much any judgement or telling you my opinion or concerns in relation to what went on over what must have been a never
    ending nightmare. What l would like to say is that l am very, very sorry that you & Penny had
    to go through what you did. l can see the obvious love that you felt for each other, this must
    be the most heartbreaking part of the whole experience. So please except my most cencere
    condolances as l can only guess as to what you have had to endure over the past ten years or
    so. Hang tough Pete & keep moving forward to continue to battle on. Your story is very inspiring
    as to the heartache that people have to deal with only to rise up & come out the other side
    bigger, better & smarter. Good luck & best wishes on the next part of your lifes journey.

  30. Pete,
    i'm so sorry about what you have been through. Im sorry about pen. I know how strong willed penny was and can't imagine the hell you have been through. Just watching the abc about it all now. I believe Pen would in no way blame you for this.
    Good luck this time round.

  31. Hello Professor Dingle

    I have been to your blog previously, but I have just seen the show Australian Story about your wife Penelope and the resulting investigation by her sisters.
    Sadly when people lose someone they love they want to lay blame
    Peter My sister in law died age 47 of Ovarian Cancer, she was diagnosed at age 42, she had operations , she had 5 years of chemo.
    She still died.
    My Mother had Ovarian Cancer for a few years , she died Age 72, she couldn’t have chemo because of her other health issues.
    I think one day down the track that people will realise that there are many things that cause cancer that they do not, will not believe currently.
    I’m really sorry you lost the love of your life , I hope one day you may find happiness again.
    I feel sure Penelope would be sad to see the pain you are in from her death and sadly her sisters looking to lay blame at your feet as well.
    I wish you well

  32. Hello Peter,
    I recently saw a documentary about the horrible ordeal that was experienced by you and others last year with Penelope's cancer.

    I know coming from a stranger it means very little but I think you did the right thing. I honestly believe you are a kind hearted person never capable of hurting anyone. I admire the courage you've displayed and truly hope that you are able to put the pain and suffering you've endured behind you. It is an awful thing to lose a partner to such an awful illness but I can't even imagine how hard it was to be falsely accused as a participant in her death. You mentioned in the documentary that you were receiving abusive letters from people and I felt a strong need to let you know (if you haven't already been told) that there are people out there who honestly believe you are a victim and we are 100% behind you.

    I'm sorry for your loss and wish you all the best as you rebuild your career. I think it is fantastic that you have a new partner to help you through this time and wish you both the best of luck for your bright future together.

  33. Hi Peter,
    I watched the Australian story pieces and all I want to say to you is...
    I applaud your love and devotion to Penny. Few husbands would have the courage to do as their partner wanted under those circumstances.
    Your story prompted me to speak to my husband about what I want to happen should I ever be in such a situation. Thank you!

  34. Hello Peter,
    Thank you for the newsletter , I look forward to future letters as i do try to live a healthy lifestyle but there is so much to remember.I have only two of your books on my coffee table but keeping them out means others do pick them up and see what you have to say. I have always admired and respected you,both as a good human being and as a health professional. I am 67 years old and have always been conscious of my health ,my first pay packet in the late fifties was spent on the wellbeing book, not much around back then, I was fifteen. Since my husband died at home (because he been looking after myself as well as I should. Today is the day I rectify
    that and the first person I thought of to keep me up to speed on all things good and bad was Dr Dingle.Thank you for your passion on keeping our bodies and mind healthy. I too buy my oats from Kakulas Sister, my husband and I shopped at the family shop in northbridge every week. The first time I stepped into the freo shop I received a big hug from the young lady who
    owns it, we watched her grow up behind the counter of the family store. Once again,thank you for trying to educate us in living healthy.
    Kind regards,

  35. Hello Peter

    We watched the first program last Monday night and will be in the viewing audience again tonight. We felt the presentation provided the family and sisters with way too much time and little time for you to present your side of the story. Your portion of the discussion however, was enough for us to understand the pain and suffering you have endured as silent witness to someone you loved very deeply and with such respect. It takes huge courage to bear witness to death and the loss of someone held so close particularly in the moments and hours of their pain and suffering. In these circumstances, the overwhelming desire to “fix” the pain becomes unbearable.

    There is little or no tolerance in our home for the biased reporting from the media, print or TV ... Journalism in Australia is without ethics in some many areas. A further example of unethical journalism now threatens Rupert Murdoch as he battles to save the rising uproar over phone hacking in the UK.

    Just wanted you to know, people are behind you. As I move around in my world, friends and family support for you. We certainly support you and do not hesitate to express our views publicly.

    We are saddened to hear you have left your position at Murdoch, it would be difficult for you to know how many students lives you have touched. How motivated they feel after a lecture presented by you. I guess, it is time for you to move on.
    Our blessings and wishes go with you.