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Dr Dingle the Public Health Advocate

Since 1988, Dr Peter Dingle has represented the best interests of Australian people everywhere in his role as a public health advocate for dozens of health and environmental campaigns. Dr Dingle’s involvement is always built on evidence based research in combination with good sense, sustainability and best health practice. Dr Dingle strongly believes that if you don’t stand up for what you know is right, then you are just as much a part of the problem.

Dr Dingle strives to bring an informed and educated voice to open public discussions on health and medical topics based on the hundreds of hours he spends researching topics. His primary goal is to educate the general public with the facts on health and wellbeing to improve their awareness, leading to better quality of life through making well informed choices. In this same capacity, Dr Dingle regularly assists Australian families everywhere who are faced with household contamination issues, increased sensory sensitivity, chemical, pesticide, lead and Asbestos exposure, at no cost or benefit to himself or others, to pursue their best course of action, with his extensive knowledge in these areas.

After completing his honours degree in pesticides and health in 1988 Dr Dingle took on the position as president of Parents for Safe Food and Safe Food Consumers Association. Along with his role as president Dr Dingle conducted dozens of public talks on food additives and pesticides. Since then Dr Dingle has campaigned ever since and has written hundreds of articles and been quoted in the press even more times.

Because of his role in pesticide research and Dr Dingle’s strong public advocacy role he was appointed as Director of the National Registration Authority for Pesticides and Veterinary Chemicals (now the VCPMA) for 6 years to represent the public.

In 1988 Dr Dingle was also campaigning over toxic lead issues and was involved as a speaker in a number of public forums. Safe levels of lead in children’s blood have gone down from 30ug/dl in 1988, to 25 then 10 then more recently to 5 ug/dl. The levels he was ageing for in 1988. More recently he has been involved in the lead contamination campaign in Esperance including helping the residents of Esperance with information on decontaminating their homes of lead. More recently, Dr Dingle has been involved with the ongoing lead issue and transfer of lead through Fremantle and the surrounding suburbs.
Dr Dingle was involved in campaigning against various toxic waste sights in WA including the Bellevue toxic waste sight that exploded one night in 2001. He was an invited member of the Health Surveillance Register For the Bellevue Chemical Fire to represent public interests.

Dr Peter Dingle represented the public at Alcoa Wagerup refinery for almost 2 years in their battle over emissions from the Wagerup plant. Because of his independence, he was appointed Scientific Advisor to the parliamentary committee on Emissions from the Alcoa Wagerup refinery.

Dr Dingle has campaigned about the overuse of toxic chemicals in homes for the last 20 years as well as toxic chemicals in cosmetic and personal care products. Dr Dingle is one of the original researchers in this area in Australia, and is recognised nationally and internationally for his work even today. He has written 2 books on these topics which have sold thousands of copies and changed many lives. His passion for good health has inspired a whole generation of people more conscious of the toxins in their homes, and a great number of Dr Dingle’s students have gone on to work in this area and make further advancements.

Dr Dingle was extensively involved in the anti-smoking lobby, which included some of his research. Along with Dr Dingle 2 of his honours students did work on tobacco smoke monitoring and public perceptions to tobacco smoke. As a result of his expertise and interest in this area Dr Dingle was a director on the Australian Council on Smoking and Health.

In 1999 Dr Dingle became a director of the Amanda Young Foundation to help raise kids awareness of meningitis and help develop their health and leadership skills. Amanda Young was one of Dr Dingle’s first year students who was inspired by some of his lectures, so Amada’s parents asked Dr Dingle to be a part of the board. Dr Dingle was an active member on the board for around 5 years as well as being active in organising and participating in the Youth camps over that period.

Dr Dingle has been involved with the Mindd (Metabolic, Immunologic, Neurologic, Digestive, Developmental) Foundation in NSW for the past 5 years to highlight the role of environmental contaminants, vaccines and poor diet in diseases such as ADHD and autism. Dr Dingle has also campaigned against the overuse of drugs to treat ADHD when there are many environmental and nutritional factors associated with ADHD that get ignored by the medical industry.

Dr Dingle has campaigned for truth in health, dispelling many of the dietary myths around milk, cereal, processed foods and salt. From 2004 to 2006 Dr Dingle ran a campaign on the negative effects of processed breakfast foods and how it significantly contributes to the chronic health crisis in children and adults. A lot of this is written in his book “My Dog Eats Better than your Kids”.

In 2004 and 2005 Dr Dingle also ran a campaign against soft drinks. Dr Dingle published his report and spoke many times to the media to raise public awareness over the issue. This included public seminars pointed at canteen health and junk food and soft drinks sold in schools. Recently the American Paediatric Association has published a report criticising soft drinks and energy drinks.

Dr Dingle has also been arguing for nearly 2 decades now about the necessary use of nutritional supplements. Recently, in 2011, the American Paediatric Association has come out with a position to say that supplements can help with many forms of chronic illness
In 2009 Dr Dingle raised the issue of toxic chemicals used in sunscreen and how they may actually be contributing to the problem. Associated with this is the fact that many Australians are now not getting enough vitamin D from the sun. In 2009 Dr Dingle wrote a number articles published in both Australian and overseas health newsletters, showing that simple things such as lack of sunlight, low omega 3 levels are major contributing factors to the development and progression of Multiple Sclerosis.

Dr Dingle has recently led a 3 year study on cholesterol lowering medication, which has shown that the statin drugs used to lower cholesterol has little to no benefit on saving lives. This research lead to the publication of his eighth book “The Great Cholesterol Deception” with around 500 references. In his book and the articles he has written in the popular press he shows that it lowers cholesterol but does not lower the risk of heart attack or stroke by more than 1% and cost billions of dollars a year in Australia alone. Once again, Dr Dingle has been severely rebuked for presenting the facts on cholesterol. Yet all he is doing is reporting on what shows up in the scientific journals. In a continuation of this Dr Dingle recently sent a copy of his book to all the board members of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, the government organisation that sponsors drug costs in Australia.

Lately Dr Dingle has voiced his disapproval and concern around the many independent public organisations for health which exist, such as the National Heart Foundation, Diabetes Australia and many more, who receive large amounts of funding from the pharmaceutical industry, and who rarely if ever, bring to attention of the public that there are many nutritional or lifestyle factors that contribute to the disease or can be used to reverse the illness.

Dr Dingle is passionate about truth and is enthusiastic about encouraging every individual to take responsibility for their own health, by remaining informed, reaching out beyond the existing health paradigms, for sustainable and preventative health solutions, to seek the truth and not just accept the medical and health dogma, because the people who tell you are so called professionals.

In recent times some of the media have chosen to portray Dr Dingle as a rebel without a cause, or a conscientious objector, we feel it is a more accurate representation of the facts to say Dr Peter Dingle is a Public Advocate for health and Environmental Issues in Australia and that Dr Dingle feels a strong ethical responsibility to look out for those in our communities who are not able to look after their own interests, as well as keeping large Industry and Government accountable for their actions.

In 2001 Dr Dingle won Murdoch Universities coveted Vice Chancellor’s Award for outstanding community service. In 2003, Dr D was a co founder in the award winning Living Smart Program which won the WA adult education award in 2003 and the Eureka Award in 2004. In 2004 he was recognised with special commendation in the WA Environmental Awards and Greenhouses won the best education program and in the same year won the Conscious Living, Nova Communicators award for his work with the public.

Dr Dingle has presented close to 1000 talks free to community groups over the years on community related health issues especially family and children’s health. As a result of all his work Dr Dingle has helped many thousands of people each year. In 2010 Dr Dingle could be seen or heard on the media a dozen times a week until some false charges could be trumped up against him. Unfortunately the concerted attach on Dr Peter Dingle by the media and its vested interests stopped Dr Dingle’s access to many parts of the media. Despite absolutely no negative finding against him at a time when he was also investigate by 4 different authorities at the same time. Any wonder why certain groups with strong vested intersts are out to get him when you consider what Peter stands for.

Some of the topics of research Dr Dingle has carried out includes
Research reports
Breakfast foods
Yoghurt and probiotics
Food labelling
Soft Drinks
Research students Thesis topic on
Allergies and asthma
Food labelling
Breakfast foods
Grain consumption and breakfast foods
Nutritional qualities of take home dinners
Allergy and probiotics
Pesticides and health
Developing health lifestyle programs (including living smart and seniors smart with my PhD students)
Healthy ageing (PhD)
Developing a health, environment and lifestyle program (PhD)
Effect of indoor air quality on causes and symptoms of asthma (PhD)

Public Essays on nutritional and environmental toxicology including
Vitamin D
Milk the poison
Milk and calcium
Allergies and probiotics
Life expectancy and the medical profession
Sick homes and toxic chemicals
Cholesterol is good for you
Statin drugs don’t work
Medical research bias
Corrupt drug companies
Kids chemicals and cancer
Breakfast junk foods
Multiple Sclerosis, a preventable illness
Vitamin D, we’re not getting enough
Mobile phones and non-ionising radiation
Organic food
Slow eating

Dr Dingle currently has 8 books in print including
The DEAL for Happier Healthier Smarter Kids
My Dog Eats Better Than Your Kids
The 6 Week Healthy Eating Planner
The Great Cholesterol Deception

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  1. I'm so sorry the media made a concerted attach on you.

  2. I had the pleasure of being enrolled in one of Dr. Dingle's units at Murdoch University. It was a fantastic class from which I learned so much! What he has to tell you will change the way you live. I'm so glad that I was lucky enough to have him for a lecturer.

  3. Peter Dingle is a courageous scientist. "Courage" is not usually a word associated with science, but it is my experience that many scientist know the dangers of substances we use daily and for one reason or another are unwilling to let the general public know. In this way Peter is a rarity and the Australian public is that much more aware (and in many cases healthier) because of his work. Thanks Peter!

  4. I first met Dr Dingle at a Mindd Foundation Conference in Sydney. I was truly grateful to meet such a passionate, intelligent and giving person. A wonderful mentor and a man who has energy and time for all thos he meets. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  5. Thank you for the continued logical health advice. Truly refreshing and greatly valued. Thank you!

  6. The world needs a lot more people like you Peter! Thankyou for always being a sound voice of reason and providing us with the truth.

  7. Great to have Peter Dingle's thoroughly researched and often controversial articles regularly appearing in NOVA Magazine. Our readers respond to his passionate belief in the importance of taking responsibility for our own health, an essential counterpoint to the "pop a pill" viewpoint that's so pervasive in our society. Keep them coming Peter!
    Margaret Evans
    NOVA Magazine

  8. Great to have Peter Dingle's thoroughly researched and highly original natural health articles appearing regularly in NOVA Magazine. Our readers respond to his passionate belief in the importance of taking responsibility for our own health, an important counterpoint to the "pop a pill" viewpoint so pervasive in our community. Keep them coming Peter!

  9. Why do all these comments sound like they're part of an obituary?

  10. I feel reassured in my own belief that cholesterol is an essential component in a healthy body. It is so refreshing to have a strong independent voice on health issues and one that makes sense not profits!

  11. Keep up the good work Peter!

  12. Be strong Peter and i look forward to your next book. Australian Story was amazing

  13. Unfortunately I had no say in it. I am dammed if I did and dammed if I didnt. My late wife made her very strong choices based on he beliefs. Even as she was being wheeled onto the operating table she still questioned if she should go ahead with the operation. It was not so much about homeopathy as it was about her belief in her self and her lack of trust in others. We had many arguments over this but if you have ever tried to argue with a very sick woman you will understand. It is interesting to note that pens father died a year or so later under almost exactly the same circumstances. Different health condition but same circumstances. Why no coroners inquest on that?

    I have thought about it many times and if i had said to Pen that I cant go on with you in this journey there was a good chance i would have been seen as the husband who ran out on his sick wife. believe me there were no inbetweens with Pen. She had already told many close friends not to come around any more.

    it should also be noted that pen did not die then she lived another 18 months relatively healthy until she had an adverse reaction to experimental chemotherapy which sent her into an anaphallactic shock. She the deteriorated rapidly from there. Again why was this not investigated. The picture that people have of what went on is very different from reality. I just wonder why the west Australian media did it this way?

    please next time put your name

  14. Hello Peter

    I have been reading your newsletters and following your life for the past few years. It was through listening to you on 6PR that I turned my health life around and now through the 30 Day Cure for Diabetes have brought my problem under control. I was unable to piece all of the info together until a doctor prescribed me a diabetes drug for the first time in ten years and I knew it was time to really change. Dr Ripich's book summed up all I had been learning and reading for the previous two years. I do not need those drugs and follow his programme, but also your recommendations and recipes. thank you.Some of my friends and family will listen. But the food and health area is overwhelming and it is unbelievable almost what we have been subjected to in our foods etc.

    I emailled you a couple of years ago when my grandson was diagnosed with autism. He is now recovered, using a variety of methods, and later will be rediagnosed. So many different things came into play and certainly amongst them was the reference work you recommended from Mindd.

    I am sorry for the witchhunt you have endured. we were away and did not see Australia Story, but it has been sent to me as a download. When I can draw breath I want to sit and watch.

    Please keep getting out the message. More and more are questioning the current state of health and time will bring these changes so needed. The dollar must not continue to be the bottom line.

    Once again, thank you for being who you are.