Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Tale of Two Couples. A true story

I met two couples recently one in their 60s and the other in their late 70’s.

One couple was on more than 12 medications between them each day including statins, beta blockers, warfrin, asprin and so on. It cost them around $25 a week as most of the drugs were subsidized and the doctor said they were doing well They complained of constant fatigue, muscle and joint pain, memory problems, severe bruising, hard to get out of bed and hard to sleep at night and long bouts of negative thoughts and depression. They had also just been diagnosed as pre diabetic but the doctor said it was ok and normal at their age. This couple underwent half a dozen medical procedures a year which was only a minimal cost to them so they felt pretty lucky.

The other couple were in their late 70’s took no medication were active for 60 minutes each day, ate a lot of home cooked meals with fish, fresh salad and fruit. They took around 10 supplements a day and literally had no health complaints. They had 2 grams of vitamin C, 3 grams of omega 3 oils, a couple of digestive enzymes and some apple cider vinegar with most meals, a couple of teaspoons of sprulina and a multi vitamin mineral mix each day. It cost them around $25 a week and the doctor said they were wasting their money. This couple visited the doctor once a year for a regular check up and each year refused to take medication “because it might help”.


  1. My mother has had the same happen to her. She is 88 and has quite a few health issues but she takes daily vitamins and supplements and eats a limited strict diet including fresh vegetables and fruit and little processed or packaged food. She very rarely sees the doctor and never goes to the hospital.
    She decided to take this path years back after being on prescribed medication for quiet a long number of years. The doctor never changed the medications and eventually we believed he didn't even know why she was on them.
    Mum has never looked back and the doctor in the past has asked for her to let him know what she is taking - he's amazed she is still doing so well.

  2. loved these stories Peter. Such a common picture (the first story) and so unecessary! Keep spreading your fabulous information.

  3. I see stories like this each week. Our life is made up of our choices. No one else's. Our choices. We can either choose to look after ourselves or give this responsibility to someone else.