Monday, July 30, 2012

Hormone replacement therpy kills

Over the last few weeks but particularly over the weekend there was a lot of media about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) which is prescribed to women for the treatment of Menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, urogenital symptoms and sleep disturbance.

A group of very unethical and unprofessional people from the medical industry have been saying that the studies which showed HRT to be dangerous were inadequate and poor studies and the latest study sponsored by the medical industry is the definitive study which shows it is safe.

This is absolutely the opposite from the truth and a lie and it shows what people in the medicine are willing to do to make money. In 2007 results were released of a study into the effects of HRT on Postmenopausal women by the Women’s Health Initiative, this followed the 2003 ‘Million Women Study’ on breast cancer and HRT – the outcomes of both studies resulted in a decline in women seeking HRT as both reported that health risks associated with HRT use outweighed any benefits.

These studies were extremely well done and are seen as one of the great ongoing studies. In the largest clinical trial to date, a combination estrogen-progestin pill (Prempro) increased the risk of certain serious conditions including Heart disease, Stroke, Blood clots, Breast cancer. While the evidence from this study was very powerful it was only associative. However, more recent information is showing breast cancer rates declining as a result of not using HRT drugs. Breast Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer amongst women in the world. Furthermore it is the leading cause of female morbidity and mortality in the world

Other evidence shows it increase the risk of other diseases including malignant melanoma and ovarian cancer.

Unfortunately the media has just repeated what their masters have been saying and now women are really confused. I kept hearing the commercial channels telling woman that it was now safe to take HRT. The definitive study had been done. Hormone replacement therapy was one of the biggest money spinners of all time so the industry will fight tooth and nail to keep woman using the drugs, even if it kills them.  Remember just recently Glaxo Smith Kline was fined $3 billion for the deceit, lies and mal practices some of which lead to large numbers of premature deaths. The lawsuit also implicated many medical professionals in the lies. It seems we are not immune from the lies in Australia.


  1. What about people who for medical reason have never menstruated. without HRT osteoporosis is a certain. Are the effects still the same for this group of people? Id be interested to hear your views.

  2. Dr Dingle, I've been going through perimenopause now for just over 2 and a half years ...the symptoms have been unbearable to the extent that I don't leave the house because of the anxiety. The last 3 and a half months I have been using a bio natural identical progesterone with a little testosterone cream. I have experienced a few subtle changes like sleeping a little better...but now I 'm reading another book by a Dr in Canada saying he doesn't recommend using this as its not getting to the root cause. Some days I just don't know what to do. I eat very well, don't drink coffee or alcohol, don't smoke. Any advice will be greatly appreciated as I just want to feel normal again .. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue in the mid nineties and have never really been that well since and then perimenoause has really hit me big time ....

    1. Hi Sherrie have you looked at your toxic exposure? Also I believe that Bowen therapy can help with hormonal challenges, you need to find a therapist that has specialised in the hormonal treatment.

  3. I too am going through menopause but managed to find a medical doctor who also practices nutritional medicine as well. After having a salivary analysis for hormones I too was put on bioidentical hormones creams but this was balanced with both progesterone and estrogen (E3) (there are three types of estrogen) according to my hair analysis. This was also complemented by quite a few supplements in particular Vitamin D. I felt like I rejoined the human race and now feel great. I also think as we get older exercise is even more important than when we are young. Most people don't realise when you are going through menopause things can get comlpetely out of hand. I have known three women recently who would have been happy to walk in from of a bus rather than continue on.
    I would love to heard Dr Dingle's views on bioidentical hormone creams as well.